Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Family Album

Great Grandmother Rose Caron

Mom and my Uncle on a pony

Albert and Lydia (Belanger) Poulin



  1. Every one of these photographs is terrific. I especially love the angle and the message sent by the body language of your great grandmother. She seems formidable (but could have been very sweet -- or both, depending on the day!) Mom looks fresh and gorgeous. The pony picture is precious - 1930s? Her adult photo seems like fifties. Hairstyle isn't like forties. Am I right? Drop by. I'm tracing my family from Romania.

  2. Hi Linda! Nice to hear from you! Great-grandmother: I think she could be stern and fun. In those days, people had to hold still for the brownie camera with no flash! Mom: adult photo is high school graduation picture in the early forties. Her classmates wrote about her "She will never be without a friend." She was very funny, caring and wise. The pony picture: around the early thirties.

  3. MOLTO BELLO!!! Thank you for sharing this Wonderful photos.